Here are some plays I wrote for Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind. They are in PDF form. For your viewing pleasure.

1. Verbal Irony (Performed with John and Bilal Dardai)

2. Musical Chairs with Arbitrary Thresholds (Performed by 5 or 6 Ensemble Members.)

3. I Of Russia, I Will Be Your Forever (Performed with John, Mary Fons, and Phil Ridarelli)
4. La Luna (Solo with people lighting cantaloupes with flashlights, which make them look like little Moons.)
5. Reason #27: Why Technology Still Eludes Me. (Short, short Play.)
6. Hello Lamp Post (John, Phil Ridarelli, Tim Reid)

7. I Fuck Like A Girl (1 & 2)
8. You, The Audience (John & Sean Benjamin)
9. how to remain friends with a dead man (John & Genevra Gallo on voiceover)
10. The Dreams of Father's Grimm
11. Third Person metaphor
12. The Whites of Their Eggs
13. I'm Not Sure, But I think I'm Being...
15. Shentlights Und Wandseeles

16. A Neo-Futurist 12 1/2 Question Meta-Surve

17 Bad Hagglers
18. We May Never Return To Sender
19. Under The Orotund Sun
20. Slogan Says!

21. Low Stakes High Drama (John & Connor Kalista)

22. sphincter in the anus of time

23. Real Neo Nightmare Realism

24. DOG (in five acts)

25. A Father's Grimm for Mother

26. Dance On My Grave

27. The Naked Truth (John & Sean)


29. Untitled Subjective Play (John, Caitlin, and full cast)

30. Moonlit Theater Presents: The Apollo 11 Lunar Landing

31. You Only Need ONE Reason NOT to Casually Date GOD.

32. A Neo-Futurist Chicago Weather Forecast (for...) Full Cast.

33. Post Structuralist Knock Knock Joke (John, Diana, Connor)

34. Retinentia (John and Audience Members)

35. The Punk Heart (John)