happyMe.jpg14731_219800177436_218206277436_4059689_1537702_n.jpgMykel Board was born on January 31, 1950. He shares a birthday (month and day) with Norman Mailer and Johnny Rotten. He lives halfway between the two. He started his first band, ART, in 1978, going to even lower depths with ARTLESS, in 1980. In the 1980s, Mykel wrote porno books for hire. $285 a book, his name does not appear on the cover. Among his favorite titles are: Hot Firemen in Drag, Big City Black Teaser, and Slit Slappers. In mid-1980 he began writing a column for the punkrock zine, Maximum Rock'n'Roll. He still writes for them today. He has contributed to several book anthologies, including Bisexual Politics, Threat By Example, and Good Advice for Young Trendy People. Based in New York, Mykel Board often leaves the country. Besides annual month-long trips, He's spent two years in Aachen, Germany, two years in the Tokyo suburbs., and a year in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. There, he wrote the first book with his name on the front: Even A Daughter Is Better Than Nothing.
I, A Me-ist, Mykel's book for Hope and Nonthings, is an anthology of his early columns for Maximum Rock'n'Roll. You can contact Mykel at god@mykelboard.com.