(a not so musical journey through partially truthful situations with eighty percent fictitious dialogue)
is a meta-fictional novel that dances dangerously close to the edge of historical pop punk reality, It embodies the confusion felt by a specific pop-punk semi-famous rockstar of the mid 90's who questions the importance of his era and ultimately the importance of himself. How does this affect his life today? What fictions was he constantly creating because of his subjectivity and inability to remember accurate conversations and situations? What is Fame and how does it differ from Success?

"Reading Weasels In A Box is time well spent in the company of the quirky, intelligent, funny, talented, eccentric man who plays a mean underwater guitar. You won’t regret or forget it."
— Graham Rae, The New Review FULL REVIEW

"Weasels in a Box is revealing, compelling, and a flat out fun time for all to enjoy."
— Denis Sheehan, Askew Reviews Full Review